Mandala Space / by William Cudd

A Fibonacci pyramid covered in a layer of gold that’s 50 micron thick is adjusted above my head. Inside sits an LED board of 5 - 10 watt led lights sandwiched between two purple Tesla plates. I close my eyes and shortly after lights flash at different frequencies and intensity against my eye lids. Within a minute it no longer feels like my eyes are closed but rather like I'm staring up into the celling of a large room with geometric patterns oscillating and spinning against a wall.

I forget how I cam across William. Something about light therapy caught my attention so I reached out. After talking with him briefly I wanted to know what causes someone to purchase a light that cost $5555 (an angel number) and start a company that offers light therapy. William revealed that when he was 12 he got into a fatal car accident with his mother that undoubtedly caused him to endure some dark times. Years of exploring holistic practices to make sense of this trauma eventually led him to this light and with it a means to help others.